The job seeker toolkit can find help with cover letter and resume tips

Every person eventually will find the benefit of using a cover letter and a resume. Whether he or she is a high school graduate or a college graduate using a resume can be very beneficial to obtain employment. There are three resume layouts the job seeker can choose from chronological, functional, and combination. The chronological resume displays a summary of work history in specific detail beginning with current position or most recent position and ending with last position. This type resume can benefit job seekers who want to advance in their career.

Another type of resume many job seekers have chosen is called the functional resume. What makes this type resume structure so popular is because the layout will define job skills and not display employment gaps should any have taken place. The functional resume is beneficial to persons who are just starting in to look for a job, parents entering the job market from raising children or persons who have job gaps in between employment. The third type is a combination resume that brings both chronological and functional resume together into one. This type layout could actually be considered the best of both because the structure appearance. All job seekers can benefit from using the combination resume as they can create a unique resume just for themselves. Lastly, once the resume is completed the final step is writing a cover letter to best market your skills and experience in order to obtain that first interview from the hiring manager.

Opt for Corporate Coach Hire Services to Extend Hospitality to Prospective Clients

Large coaches are hired by corporate houses and individuals who want to prearrange luxury transportation for their clients or guests. These corporate coach hire services are offered by several operators now as the service itself has gained popularity among corporate firms and individuals alike. These buses are great for taking school children on a day out. From airport pick-and-drop to conducted tours, these coaches serve myriad purposes now. However, the corporate firms still comprise of the majority of the customers of coach hire services with sporting clubs and local schools together being close second. This is indeed a great way to impress prospective clients as they feel honored and valued when they are offered luxury transportation free of cost. There are many operators that offer now private coaches for various purposes.

Extended hospitality at a low cost

Since the great global recession hit mulch-national corporations and smaller business organizations alike, businesses have started emphasizing on cost-cutting over everything else. As an integral part of the cost-cutting policies adopted by many companies worldwide, client and executive transportation and conveyance costs have also been trimmed down. Corporate coach hire companies are now catering to this section of business clients by offering affordable yet luxurious buses for corporate conducted tours and airport pick-and-drop requirements. If you are expecting a large batch of clients and stakeholders to arrive within a couple of days, you can hire a luxury coach instead of hiring cabs for picking up your clients individually from the airport. These chauffeur driven private coaches are great for extending your hospitality towards your prospects, and that too at a much lower cost.

Facilities and professional behavior of chauffeurs

If you are choosing a reputable corporate coach hire company, you can expect all the world-class amenities in each of the coaches they offer. Corporate coaches offered by these companies have luxury wooden or leather interiors, recumbent seats with enough legroom, climate control systems, polarized glasses for more privacy, and surround sound systems. Moreover, many luxury coaches are Wi-Fi enabled and your guests/prospective clients can stay online during the entire length of journey from the airport to the hotel or guest house you have prearranged for them. This is indeed a great way to say welcome to your clients and stakeholders. Private Coaches run by reputable bus line operators are driven by courteous, uniformed and educated chauffeurs who can make your journey a pleasurable one not just with their driving skills and abilities, but with professional behavior.

More about seating capacity

Corporate coach hire services can be employed for catering to small and large group of clients. From smaller coaches that are more widely known as minibuses to larger coaches that can accommodate up to 70 passengers are available with the operators in the UK. You should check with the operator to know which coach will be best for transporting your guests.

Before choosing an operator, go online to find their website, read testimonials of the previous clients and see the photos of the private coaches and talk to the operators directly. You can do this by searching with the operator name on Google or Yahoo and finding their website.

Ford set to hire 11,000 workers in 2014

Ford Motor Company has announced that it will be hiring 5,000 people, including 3,300 white-collar workers in the US and 6,000 workers in Asia next year. Many of the Asian hirees are expected to be employed at the company’s soon-to-be opened Changan Ford Assembly Plant and Changan Transmission Plant in Chongqing, China, which is expected to increase the company’s production capacity in that country by 300,000 units next year. Other jobs will be available at Ford’s Camacari Engine Plant in Brazil as well.

The recruitment drive represents an increase of close to 7% of Ford’s total workforce and is the biggest hiring push the firm has made since 2000, according to Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of the Americas, who expects 2014 to be “the busiest product year in Ford’s 111-year history,” and will include an aggressive rollout of 23 new models. 16 of those, including the new re-vamped Mustang, Transit Connect van and Lincoln MKC small utility are being targeted for sale in the United States.

ADP reports 175,000 private sector jobs added in January

The first jobs report of 2014 was released Wednesday. The ADP Employment Report finds that 175,000 private sector jobs were added to the economy in January. This is down from the 227,000 jobs ADP reported in its revised December report.

The Employment Report, produced by ADP in conjunction with Moody’s Analytics is derived from ADP’s actual payroll data and extrapolated to the broader job market. It measures the change in total nonfarm private employment each month on a seasonally-adjusted basis.

Carlos Rodriguez, president and chief executive officer of ADP, said in a release that the 175,000 jobs are in line with monthly growth throughout 2013.

As is always the case, the vast majority of new jobs were in the service sector which added 160,000 of the 175,000 jobs. The goods-producing sector increased by just fewer than 16,000 jobs.

Small business led the way once again producing 75,000 new jobs, and those with fewer than 19 employees accounted for 42,000 jobs. Medium size businesses with 50-499 workers added 66,000 jobs. Large businesses employing over 1,000 added 31,000 new jobs. This is a further sign that large companies are investing some of their profits back into business expansion.

The construction sector continued to grow despite a very bad winter. In January a total of 25,000 new construction jobs were added. This gain followed increases of 30,000 and 32,000 in the prior two months in the construction sector.

Manufacturing lost jobs in January; the decline of 12,000 followed a revised gain of 16,000 in the prior month. This was the first decline in industry payrolls since July 2013 according to ADP.

Service-providing industries added 160,000 jobs in January. This was down from an upwardly-revised December figure of 177,000. The ADP National Employment Report indicates that professional/ business services contributed the most to growth in service-providing industries, adding 49,000 jobs. This was well below the average gain of the prior two months of 65,000. Expansion in trade, transportation, and utilities slowed to a gain of 30,000 jobs in January. Employment in financial activities was flat over the month, following two consecutive months of gains of 6,000.

Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, said, “Cold and stormy winter weather continued to weigh on the job numbers. Underlying job growth, abstracting from the weather, remains sturdy. Gains are broad based across industries and company sizes, the biggest exception being manufacturing, which shed jobs, but that is not expected to continue.”

One thing that could account for somewhat slower job growth, in addition to the weather, are concerns with the global economy. Reports indicate a slow-down in China. The stock market had a bad week last week which spilled over into this current week and most of that is attributed to China anxiety. Lower corporate profits and a slower-than-hoped-for holiday shopping season were also factors.

The bottom line is the economy is growing, but jobs are growing at a slower pace than necessary to erase unemployment. It is doubtful, however, that Congress will do anything to stimulate jobs this year.

ADP does not take into account government jobs, nor does it measure unemployment. The official jobs report, which includes those items, will be released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Friday. It will be interesting to see if they revise December’s terrible numbers upward.

Meet hiring managers face-to-face at Monday’s job fair

If you can’t find a job fair to attend in Denver to explore your career options, you’re not looking very hard. Here are quick details about a job fair next Monday, so make use of the weekend to prepare your resume, iron your best outfit, and practice interview skills:

What: Coast-to-Coast Job Fair

When: Monday, February 10 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Where: Courtyard by Marriott, Denver Cherry Creek at 1475 S. Colorado Blvd.

Cost: free—register online and get access to the list of employers attending the fair.

More info to help you really shine at your next career fair:

Make the most of a job fair by doing your ‘homework’

Job fairs: what they are…what they are not

Stop making common resume blunders

What are you telling people…before you begin to speak?


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Some former employers don’t only verify employment

To me, it’s not shocking that bad references can derail otherwise qualified candidates. After all, that’s why I founded Come Recommended, to educate young candidates and put employers in the same position of having to provide references. However, many people don’t believe me when I say candidates often produce references that don’t paint them in a good light.

“People spend a lot of time working on their resume, brushing up their interview skills and networking during job searches, but many fail to select their professional references carefully,” said Heidi Allison, president of Allison & Taylor, a reference checking and employment verification firm. “We check references for clients and approximately 50 percent of our calls to former employers produce an unexpected bad reference. The bottom line is that people need to select their references more carefully.”

Allison says there is a common miss perception that, when contacted for a reference, former employers will only verify if a person previously worked for them and provide his or her job title.

“The fact is most people have no problem talking and, with a little prodding, one can learn quite a bit from a professional reference – some good, some bad,” Allison explained. “You’d be shocked at what some people selected to provide professional references have said about candidates.”

The following are excerpts of real professional reference checking interviews conducted by Allison & Taylor staff on behalf of clients during the past year:

Comments regarding a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses:
“I cannot think of any strengths, only weaknesses.”
“I’m sure there are some strengths, but nothing jumps out at me.”
“I’d rather not comment – you can take that however you want.”

Comments regarding the reason for the candidate leaving the company:
“I fired him! He and his buddy had some illegal things going.”
“It was a rather delicate and awkward situation. You should call her other past employers. I made the mistake of not doing that.”
“She was terminated in an investigation.”

Comments regarding a candidate selecting a person to be a professional reference:
“Are you certain he gave you my name?”
“I let him go and that’s all I care to say.”
“I’m surprised she even listed us on her work history.”

“If a person is struggling to find a job, there’s a good chance a reference influenced them negatively and, once that’s happened, it’s often too late to resolve the situation,” Allison said. “We tell clients, don’t let this happen to you. We encourage them to work with us to check their references in advance and see if they’re positive. If not, there are several steps – some legal – that can be taken to rectify the situation.”

New York City agency hiring

The New York City Housing Authority posted an entry level clerical position on Friday, November 1, 2013. This posting will be open to apply until Monday, November 11. The entry level position is for a Level 1 Customer Information Representative. The starting salary is $31,544.00 to $50,850.00. The position is Monday through Friday, candidates may be required to work weekends, holidays and evenings. There are 8 positions available.

Some of the duties associated with this position are; answering incoming calls, receiving complaints, making service requests, scheduling appointments and responding to telephone and email requests. For a complete list of the duties that are associated with this position, please go to The job ID number for this position is 132792. Go to, click on the jobs link and then, click on the clerical administrative link.

To be considered for this position, you must possess a BA degree, associate degree or a high school diploma with a minimum of two to four years of experience in working for a city agency, customer service and knowledge of databases and computer technology. Regardless of your experience, all candidates must have a high school diploma or its’ equivalent. For a complete description of educational and experience requirements, feel free to go to for a detailed description.

To all of you who will apply for these positions, I wish you the best of luck.

I hope this information was helpful. If you have any comments, questions and/or suggestions about this article or any of my articles, you can reach me via email at [email protected] Please subscribe to my articles. It’s FREE and you will be anonymous. Thanks!

Macy’s hiring 83,000 seasonal workers across U.S.

Currently, Macy’s has about 167 temporary jobs available for the holiday season. There are openings at the following locations:

Northlake in Atlanta, Georgia Square in Athens, Southlake in Morrow. These stores have openings for retail sales associates.

Macy’s is also hosting several holiday hiring events at various locations around Georgia. Some of the locations are but not limited to; Mall of Georgia in Buford, Lenox Square in Atlanta, North Point Mall in Alpharetta, and Town Center in Kennesaw.

You will need to Click on for more information and fill out the online application to apply directly.

College aide needed

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, has a position open for a College Aide. To be considered for the position, you must be enrolled in an accredited college and you must continue your education if employed. You must be a freshman or sophomore college student to apply for this position. This job was first posted on October 31, 2013. The deadline to apply for this position is November 15, 2013.

The salary range is $8.00 to $12.00 an hour. The title for this position is Clerical and Administrative Support. The job is located at 42-09 28th Street, Long Island City, NY. You must be a resident of New York City to apply for this position. The maximum tenure for this position is six years. You will be employed half time while in college and full time during college vacation periods. Some of the duties you will be responsible for are; making referrals and appointments for counseling and testing. You will also perform a variety of clerical administrative duties.

To apply for this position go to, and click on the jobs link. There you will click on the clerical/administrative support link. The job number for this position is 134261. Once you click on this job number, click on the ‘apply now’ button.When applying online, follow the instructions. You must include a cover letter with your application. For more information about this job or any other employment opportunities in the city of New York, you can visit, for more information.

For those of you who are applying for this position, I wish you the best of luck.

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Fraud investigators needed

On October 18, 2013, the New York City Department of Homeless Services (DHS) located at 346 Powers Avenue in Bronx, NY 10454, posted a job listing needing Fraud Investigators. There are four positions available. The business title of this job is Family Worker. The proposed salary range is $43,068.00 to $67,856.00 annually. The work unit is the path/intake unit located at 151 East 151st Street, Bronx, NY 10451. The hours will be from Friday to Tuesday 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Regular day off (RDO’s) are Wednesday and Thursday.

One of the many important responsibilities you will be responsible for as a family worker are; interviewing and screening families eligibility for shelter assistance. You will also help in the assistance of finding safe and affordable housing for families in need. You will be in regular contact with landlords, community organizations and other city agencies.

To be eligible for these positions, you must have a high school diploma or its’ equivalent. You must also possess a minimum of three years of experience in a related field with duties consisting of but not limited to; searching for assets, evaluating credit histories, the ability to compile data and evidence to present in cases of fraud.

To read a complete list of eligibility requirements, go to, and then look for job id 133425. You can apply for this job online, just hit the tab ‘Apply now’. If you do not have a computer, you can go to your local library and apply from there. If interested, there are other jobs listed for your perusal.

For all of you who will apply for these positions, I wish you the best of luck.

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